The Amazing Dubai Shopping Festival

The famous Dubai Festival is certainly a ‘shout out’ to all shopaholics over the globe. This amazing shopping festival is held sometime between the months of January and February. The festival has been conducted since 1996, and attracts over 3 million visitors each year. Every shopaholic's paradise, this shopping and entertainment extravaganza offers impressive discounts and raffles for magnificent prizes such as luxury cars and bars of gold. The festival is gilded with fireworks as well as magnificent closing ceremonies.

This may come as a surprise to you: only 7% of Dubai’s revenues comes from its deals made on oils; the rest 93% is earned by its trade. Dubai has now, and has always been, a city built on trade, a true paradise for someone who loves to shop till they drop, and the Dubai shopping festival is when the city makes its maximum revenue. Attracting millions of visitors every year, the Dubai Shopping Festival is a celebration of non-stop shopping bargains and store giveaways.

The festival is the perfect time to visit Dubai as the hotel rates drop by 40% during the festival in a order to increase visitors and spending; in addition, let us say it works just the way the Dubai people wish, as the year 2014 has recorded a wave of nearly 3 million visitors during the 2014 Dubai shopping festival, so make sure that your next Dubai holidays are spent during this period. Apart from that here are a few things to see and do during this festival. Enjoy!

Things to See and Do

  • Dubai’s desert roots are preserved at the Heritage Village; a part of the shopping festival displaying traditional arts and crafts.
  • For more contemporary purchases, you can find fantastic deals on everything from Haute Couture and jeweler to home electronics and carpets.
  • During the festival, artists and entertainers come from all over the world to perform every day and night throughout the city.

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