Magnesium Sulfate By Jennah and Savannah

MgSO4 (Magnesium, Sulfur, and four Oxygen particles)

Do you really know what's in your bathtub?

I am the element of Magnesium Sulfate, there are three different elements that make me. The three elements that are in me are, Magnesium added to sulfur and then four oxygen elements. Did you know that I am also known as Epsom salt which is used in many various bath salts. I am also used as a soaking and healing agent for curing bruised feet. That is one of my least favorite uses of myself. Ewww. Ironically, I am used to purify water and to give it a taste. That is a better use in my opinion. Another use of me is that I am used as a filler in hollow handles in steel flat ware. Which really is boring sounding, but is actually really cool! I get to be converted into metal! Now, do you know what is in your bath tub? That's right! It's me!

Now, there has to be molecules, particles, substances and atoms to make up my element, right? Right. First let's start with the smallest piece of me. There are little tiny atoms that make up the different elements in me. Atoms are just the fundamental unit of matter. An element is a substance made up of atoms of one kind. So I am technically just made up of atoms right? Wrong. A molecule is formed when atoms of the same or different elements combine. It is usually the smallest particle of a substance that can normally exist. So really, I am made up of molecules, particles, substances and atoms. Right? Correctamundo!

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