God of Blacksmith & Fire.
But I'll let you know a little more about myself!(;

This is pretty much a picture of me doing my work, I really enjoy it!
I'm not ashamed, I was born lame but after all I was a successful person! I'm also not attractive but I have a wife, Aphrodite(:

this song would be my favorite because it describes me. Such as Fire = I'm the god of fire & the song talks about champions = I am successful & a champion!

I was left at mtn. Olympus as a baby): sad story, but aye I was picked by someone who actually loved me :*

my vacation spot would be hawaii(: it's so inspirational & it has what i love to do. (Volcanoes= fire & extraordinary rocks to find)

(hammer & Tongs)

Well this pretty much it, Hope You guys liked it!(;

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