Final Project México-Florida

Hi. I met some friends from U.S.A. in my English class. They are Ceci W., Amani S., Alexandria R. , and Mahari S.,  and they are from Tallahassee, Florida. They like love to meet new people, enjoy cooking, singing, dancing, swim, play tenis, indie musi, E.D.M. and oddly cleaning and learn new things, , but they don't like tea. Their school is Rickards High School. They have clubs of poetry, French, and a program called IB-
Their favourite food is spaghetti, onigiri, custard, cheesecake, pizza and ice cream. Their holidays are Presidents Day, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, New Years, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

                      This period has concluded, perhaps although not enough really read your comments and your tastes, I think are good and strangely nice people, it was a pleasure to read during these months, probably someday as fate we meet face to face and will smile until then, I hope you are well and change every day, so come a little more happiness, farewell comrades, thanks for letting me know a portion of the universe that are. Inverential peace.

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