Death of an Art-Bot

The idea was to create an robot that draws with only a cup, four markers, some rubber bands, and an electric toothbrush. It didn't have to draw well, it just had to draw without any help from its creator (me). So, the process I went through was a simple one. If the brush vibrates and moves, it can make other things move. So I stuck the toothbrush through the cup. After that, I turned the toothbrush on and, as I had predicted the toothbrush made the cup move. The cup began to rotate, so i used the rubber band to attach two markers to the toothbrush sticking out of the cup. As the cup rotated, the markers drew in a circle. After a few successful variations I decided to attempt the lighting of an LED with a AA battery. This required the dismantling of the electric toothbrush (for scientific purposes of course). The motor provided the needed wires and I soon hooked them up to the led and attached the led to the AA. Nothing happened. Perhaps I hooked up the LED incorrectly or perhaps the wires weren't strong enough. Either way creating and dismantling the ArtBot was quite enjoyable.   

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