Email Etiquette Assignment

Maddie Gardient

1. Do not attach unesacarey files dont forwrd anything cause most of the time i is fake

2.Never attach a image without that person’s premission because people might think that is imbarasing and they trusted you to know that info

3.Do not use text speak in a email because people might not know what it is cause some people make up there own like aeif

4.Capitilatazion and puntuation matterso you dont make a run on sentence

5. When mailing a teacher, always include your full name, date, and class period so when they are grading it they can find you and know if your assignment is latw

6.Use smiles , winks ;-) and other graphical symbols only when appropriate becasue then people can see if your just kidding or n0t

7. Don't cus because people can see what you are doing and the person your sending the email to can get offended

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