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Bridget Hoban

Life Profile

My name is Bridget Hoban. I am a single accountant making an annual salary of $56,000 with no children. I drive 44 miles to and from work every day. I am a stockholder in three companies. Those three companies are Apple, 3M, and Hormel Foods.


Gross Annual Income: $56,000

Monthly Federal Income Tax: $492

Monthly Social Security Tax: $278

Monthly Medicare Tax: $72

Net Monthly Income: $3,949.66

Established Expenses

Health and Life Insurance: $15
Medical and Dental Expense: $30

Savings: $1,519.95

Charitable Giving: $39.49 to the American Cancer Society.

Chance Cards

Lucky: I received a letter from the IRS saying I made a math error in my recent tax calculations. I was refunded $125.00.

Unlucky: My boss is retiring and I was asked to contribute $10 toward his parting gift.

Investment Portfolio

Stocks: Apple; 30 shares Hormel Foods; 10 shares 3M; 15 shares

Day 1 Values: Apple; $15,500.40 Hormel Foods; $441.10 3M; $3,123

Day 5 values: Apple; $15,600.90 Hormel Foods; $433.50 3M; $3,147.50

Housing- Snip it

House/Apartment: $182,500. 2 bed 2 full bath.

Mortgage/Rent: $932.59/month. I have one roommate, making it $466.29 for each of us.

Utilities: electric; $100 sewer/water: $25 phone; $15

Home Improvement- Snip it

Items and prices: Living room set; $1,839.99 Refrigerator; $1,708.20 Dresser; $249

-which comes to a total of $3,797.19. My interest charge is $15 a month, making my total home improvement and furniture cost $173.22/month.

Transportation- Snip it

Automobile: 2013 Honda Accord.

Monthly payment over 5 years: $447.09

Insurance, registration, and tax: $448.96

Maintenance: $90

Food, Household and Personal Hygiene

Price per month: (menu, grocery list)

Monday: Breakfast; eggs and bacon with orange juice. Lunch; grilled cheese with milk. Dinner; soup and crackers with soda. Snack; granola bar with water.

Tuesday: Breakfast; Yogurt and coffee. Lunch; chicken nuggets, strawberries, and milk. Dinner; pancakes, bananas, and milk. Snack; fruit salad with orange juice.

Wednesday: Breakfast; mixed fruit with orange juice. Lunch; Caesar salad with grapes and water. Dinner; Pizza and soda. Snack; Gold fish and water.

Thursday: Breakfast; toaster strudels with milk. Lunch; ham sandwich and orange juice. Dinner; hot dogs with chips and milk. Snack; fruit smoothie and water.

Friday: Breakfast; peanut butter toast and orange juice. Lunch; skip. Dinner; out to eat. Snack; skip.

Saturday: Breakfast; cereal with milk. Lunch; Peanut butter sandwich with strawberries, carrots, and water. Dinner; steak and soda. Snack; popcorn and water.

Sunday: Breakfast; french toast with milk. Lunch; out to eat. Dinner; Ham, baked potato, and water. Snack; chips and water.

Clothing and Accessories -snip it

Jeans: $158

Sperry's: $85

Sweater: $29.80

Total of $272.80

Entertainment and Recreation- snip it

MN State Arts Board Discussion: Free

Holiday Gift Show: Free

Jake Miller Concert: $53.25

Movie: $8.50

Wild Game (2 tickets): $76.80

Total: $138.55

Cable and Dining Out

Cable: Standard service for $56.00 per month.

Dining out: meal; $8 tip; $1.20 =$9.20

Actual budget

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