An anesthetist nurse is someone who gives anesthesia to patients. They collaborate with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentist, and podiatrists to safety administer anesthesia medications.  In other words they are the people who give you the numbness in your mouth/body when you need to get it.

Skills needed..

The required skills that you need to become this kind of nurse is a very long list of skills. You need...

Critical thinking, Social Perceptiveness, Read Comprehension, Judgement and decision making, Monitoring, Science, Active learning, Operation monitoring, Speaking, Learning strategies, Active listening, Time management, Complex problem solving, Writing, Service Orientation, Instructing, Coordination, Management of personal resources, Systems Evaluation, Systems analysis, Quality control analysis, Operation and control, Persuasion, Mathematics, Equipment selection, Operations analysis, Negation, and Trouble shooting.  

You mostly need these skills in a sudden death situation you have to be quick to think of a good way to save the patient. You have to know how to control yourself and the patient. The equipment has to be known how to control as well just in case it also fails. A lot of the skills are basically what you need when you're in the surgery room or any kind of operating room.

Educational requirements..

  • A bachelor's of science in nursing (BSN) or other appropriate baccalaureate degree.
  • Current license as a registered nurse
  • At least one year's experience in an acute care nursing setting
  • Graduation from an accredited graduate school of nurse anesthesia.
  • Clinical training in university
  • Pass a national certification examination following graduation.  

It takes a minimum of seven calendar years of education and experience to prepare a CRNA.

Sam Houston University is one of the schools that you can go to, to meet all these requirements.

Salary for beginners.. 135,390

Salary for more experience.. 100,000-190,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

It is very hard to even get a job as a nurse, so therefore becoming an anesthetist nurse will be twice as hard.

In total there are 1,754 jobs available as a nurse in the United States.

In this career you can work until you're 50 years old. It can die away depending on the person whether they still have interests on the job.


This job pays good money the more time you spend working in the career. It is also a long career.

An Anesthetist nurse isn't always available so you have other choices to be working as..

  • RN
  • Midwife
  • Licensed practical nurse
  • Nurse researcher
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Pediatric  endocrinology nurse
  • Orthopedic nurse
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Neonatal nurse  

This career really interested me because I like helping people and seeing them recover after a surgery. I love to see nurses do what they do and actually love their job. I think I would be a good fit for this career because I love to do hands on things and I also don't want a boring job I want an exciting but very serious job.