The Rock Cycle

By Jordan Carlson

The rock cycle is an age old process that begins with an igneous rock. This igneous rock will go through years of weathering and erosion before it will turn into a bunch of sediment that will be transported and deposited all over random bodies of water. After it is done going through sedimentation it will go through a process called cementation and compaction where the weight of the other bits of sediment will press the other sediments together, this forms the sediment rock. Slowly the sediment rock begins to get buried, while it is being buried it is exposed to more and more heat and pressure. Eventually it will go through so much heat it begins to melt and turn into magma, once it is magma it will melt into more magma from molten crust and the mantle. But the magma starts to rise back up through the volcano and the volcano erupts, the magma rolls down the side of the hillside forming extrusive igneous rocks. But not all the magma made it out of the volcano, some of it is still inside and very slowly called intrusive igneous rock. But the rock that did make it out will start the whole process over again.