Six Important Information About Termites

The architectural features of the buildings and houses in Singapore are impressive and of great quality. This is the common observation of most visitors in the country. However, despite the supremacy on structural design and engineering, certain uncontrollable events can still happen that can damage the properties. One of these unwanted circumstances includes the infestation of termites in a residential or commercial building. Termite attack on man-made structures may damage the foundations of the establishment, furniture, tables and chairs and even wooden house accessories. To combat these nuisances, it is necessary to be aware of the six important facts on termites.

Characteristics. Termites play a role in the ecosystem. These insects feed on wood and other cellulose-based materials thus hastening the process of waste decomposition. Kill Termite signs, however, are created in response to the altered role of termites in the lives of humans. This is because, outside their natural habitat, termites act as pests to human structures and materials.

Behaviour. Termites manifest the cryptic behaviour. This means that these insects do not show up in the open light because they spend most, if not all, of their life inside the mound. This feature makes termite control a difficult task since professionals have to pinpoint the breeding ground of the termites without obvious signs from the facets of the building.

Biological features. Termites are actually special biological entities because they have the capability to digest the chemically complex, cellulose. Cellulose can be found from plant cells as well as woody branches and trunks. In food chain, termites act as decomposers of decaying organic cellulose. Also, termites help return important cellulosic components back to the soil when they feed on dying plant parts.

Breeding ground. The mounds of termites are made of mud and can be situated above the ground or subterranean. Soil or wood serve as bases of termite mounds. When the termite nest is situated subterranean of the soil from where a building is erected, unprofessional termite controllers will usually find it hard to eradicate the nest without destroying the base of the building. Accordingly, any termite problem must always be reported to accredited termite control companies.

The Queen. Integral in the caste system of termites is the queen. This female termite makes sure that the colony increases in number. Termites actually operate based on the concept that the more members there are, the better chance of survival will be awarded to their colony. This is particularly true when defending the mound against other insect attackers like ants.

Soldier termites. These termites are responsible for protecting the mound against any potential threat. They can be easily distinguished from the rest of the caste because of their enlarged mandibles which they use to combat the other insects.

Termites are harmful pests to humans. At the same time, they serve an important role in the biological system. To protect human interest, it is important to seek the service of professional termite companies in evaluating any potential termite infestation in an area.