Deep Blue Big band

Questions about the Deep Blue Big Band

Why haven't I heard of you before now?

The Deep Blue Big Band is a relatively new ensemble, having been formed in July of 2007. The players who make up this band, however, are seasoned veterans of the Chicago-land jazz music scene. All of our members are in high demand around town and the suburbs as both soloists and as sidemen. These guys can really play!

What kind of music do you play?

As our name suggests, the Deep Blue's musical style is rooted in the traditions of big band jazz and swing. We do perform a variety of styles, however, and our music library is peppered with popular tunes from the 60's through today. We provide happy, energetic music for celebratory occasions!

Can we meet with you before we hire the band?

Absolutely. It's our desire to make you feel as comfortable as we can with your choice in the music for your event. We will be candid about our ability to help make your event a success. It doesn't benefit you or us if we can't suitably provide you with the music you seek. Quick, courteous communication is one of our biggest assets!

How can I get a demo CD or literature about the Deep Blue Big Band?

You can request a demo CD and promotional packet by dropping us an e-mail at:, or by calling (847) 298-8569. In the meantime, please listen to the sound files or watch the videos on our website.

Do you do requests?

Whenever possible. It is highly advisable to request specific songs well in advance of your event. It typically takes two weeks to produce a new arrangement for this group. We'll do what we can to accomodate you!

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