Ecosystem Portfolio

This Aqua ecosystem is a great place for all fish, marine life and a lot more

Abiotic Factors

sharks, fish, coral, crabs, lobsters,

Biotic Factors

rocks, sand, water, sunlight, temp,

Carrying Capacity

its shows how much the ecosystem can hold/carry

alot of water, sand, marine life,  coral

Limiting Factors

lack of land, predater / prey,  temp, sunlight,

This is a shark

limiting factors in predator/prey relationship

The way a shark attacks group of fish, or most sea animals

algea, small crab, fish, shark, bigger shark, jaws, megladon

energy roles

The producers are, algea, seaweed, coral,

Cosumers are, small fish, crabs, large fish, sharks, turtles, and most sea life

decomposers are hagworms, fingi, bacteria, crabs and shrimp

turn up

Food chains and food webs

bacteria>jellyfish>small fish>squid>tuna>marlin>shark

Tropic levels AMD energy pryamid

The pyramid shape shows where the energy from THE predator/prey relationship is going, And most the energy starts from The bottom and slowy Goes to THE top.

THE reason producers are At THE bottom, is they dont eat anything, they are Eaten by herbivores and THE bagger consumers stay around THE top as THE top Guys.


Photosynthesis is when plants take in the Suns rays, and turn them into plant food(glucose) and it's a fuel for small animals and insects, and continues down the Chain.

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