Hitler; Dictator, and leader

Born on April 20th,1889, Adolf Hitler was born at the hands of Klara Hitler and Alios, The Nazi leader, and dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945, committing suicide on April 30, 1945.

Hitler's death was originally going to be an assassin, but that failed, only for him to kill himself and end the terror.

His mother, Klara, died of cancer after being diagnosed from a jewish doctor, one theory why Hitlers hates jews, and later on died in the year of 1907.

Who was hitler?

Aldof Hitler was the leader of the Nazi empire, ruling of more than a decade, his plans of riding europe of jews and the 'non-perfect' was the only thing Hitler wanted to do, then world domination, or just of europe.

Hitler, unlike his 5'8 dark brown eyes and hair, wanted only tall, blonde, blued christians to be the main race. This was also the reason why it wasn't just jews in the concentration camps across europe/germany.

young hitler

Hitler as a child was abused, another theory why Hitler was so cruel and unruly. His relationship with his father was complicated, but with his mother his relationship was a mother-son, a mama's boy if I must say.

Hitler, as the picture says, was in world war one and two. Here is him cheering for the start.

Hitler's impact

Hitler, after the effects of WW1, changed the map of germany once again.

Before and after World War 1 (At the time, the Great War)

The fun fact of this...

The Atom bomb may have not been created without hitler, or put off. My theory is that since germany was planing on making something like this, the USA jumped and created, the Atom bomb. Not a real fact, just something to make your head gears turn.

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