What is bullying:Can be physical,verbal,and social

why do people bully other

Bullies normally take kids younger or smaller then them to bully. bullies normally do that to  others because they have lack of attention from parents or other family member at home.Bullies do it too fit in and to get people to think there cool.In all reality  its not cool and the person that is getting bulled are hurting really bad and needs help.The bully may need help to.

how can we stop it

We can stop bully by going into the school and helping anyone and everyone that are getting bulled that its ok to speck out and let someone know.Too all the bullies that if they are going through something and need to talk that there is someone too talk too.Too not take anyone through their pain that they are going through.That they just need too talk.That people are there for them.

where are the most  bulling occur

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