1960 olympics

Abygail Garcia


7th grade English class         7th period

Research question

In what ways did the 1960's olympics have an impact on America?

1960 summer olympics

  • -Was held in Rome,Italy
  • -From U.A.S there was 4,727 men and 611 women participating
  • -Opening ceremony was on August 25, 1960
  • -Closing ceremony was on september 11, 1960

1960 olympics basketball team

  • -Winning game average of 42.4 points per game
  • -There was 12 players on the team
  • -The U.S.A 1960 olympic team was one of the  best amateur teams in basketball history


  • -Won 34 gold, 21 silver, 16 bronze medals
  • -Flag bearer was Rafer Johnson
  • -Did 147 events in 17 sports

Peter Snell

  • -Won the 800 meters at the 1960 games in Rome
  • -Set world record for 800 meters with 1min an 44.3 sec.
  • -Set world record for mile with 3min an 54.4 sec


The 1960 olympics had a great impact on America. The 1960 summer olympics was a great year for the U.S they won in so many events and after that year the U.S won more an more gold for the U.S.A.I think the 1960 olympics was a motivation the U.S.

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