Kickin Your Blog up a Notch

with a dash of multimedia...

Considering your Audience

Why would your audience read your blog?  What message are you trying to send?

Remember, blogs do not just have to be words, words, and more words... how could YOU amp up your blog to strengthen your message and really engage your audience?

Add Images

Embed Video

Voice it Up

Considerations and Tips...

  • Many things can be 'embedded' such as PowToons.  If you can find an embed code, you likely can copy and paste into your HTML portion of KidBlog.
  • Consider using screencasting (voice over screen) to push presentations over the top!
  • Just because you can find it online does NOT give you right to use it.  Always be mindful to cite your work and...
  • BE SAFE ONLINE ... be careful about personal information you post online as once you post something, it is out there for EVERYONE to see!  Ask your teacher for more information!

Note: Images were obtained from Google Images:

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