Landscape Design Trends for 2015 – Things You Can Do With Your Backyard

Homeowners who are also lucky enough to have space to create a backyard in their property are a matter for serious envy. Think about it.. having a place in your home that allows you to relax and unwind with nature sprawling all around you.. that can seriously be such a blessing! Having parties and barbeques in your own backyard is a perfect recipe for creating memories. And to create this personal space in your home, you need to start thinking about landscape design.

The industry, just like any creative field has many trends coming and going. If you have just turned into a homeowner in 2015 or are looking to revamp your backyard this year, there are some interesting ideas to look forward to. Presenting the hottest and most awaited landscape design trends and ideas for the year 2015!

Creating zones

Think about it.. would you like to live in a house that is all just one big room? Even with studio apartments, the requirement is to create separate segments to cater to different needs of an individual. This removes monotony and allows you to get more creative with the space. Well.. your backyard is no different! This year’s first design revolution is creating zones. Landscape designers will be taking that indoor-living ethos outside this year, creating zones for playing, dining, gardening and relaxing. The idea isn’t to create walls and divide your backyard! Adding subtle divisions in your property’s outdoor space will add more vitality to it, getting rid of monotony and creating a space suitable for different uses.

Detailing the zones

Since the first trend is to add segmentation to one’s backyard, the next landscape design idea of 2015 will be add more detail. Specific uses call for specific amenities and your backyard can sport an entire host of features to enjoy. The food zone will have some fruit trees, a bistro or picnic table and a barbeque to help you manage the food. The relaxation zone can simply mean a hammock and a quiet corner or a full scale pond and lounging arrangements. Growing zones might feature a container garden, cactus collection, or your favorite rose varieties. In the play zone, consider adding lawn darts, croquet, badminton or a playhouse. A pergola and outdoor meditation/workout/yoga space wouldn’t go amiss either. It all depends how much space you have and what you want to do with it.


Different zones in the backyard will obviously require some amount of demarcation and what better method to use for the purpose than pathways. And it doesn’t really have to be the run-of-the-mill concrete sidewalks and stepping stones. Your garden paths can truly be turned into works of art. Use bricks or concrete pavers to create an interesting chevron pattern, or use gravel bordered by mosses of varying heights. Another idea can be creating a negative space path by using turf grass with stacked stone growing beds along each edge.

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