Summer Adventure 2015

Summer School

This is a tackk about my summer school adventure.


In Miss Slatons homeroom we have been learning about Africa with drought,endangered species,drinking water and habitat in Miss Slatons room.

                                                   Spectacular Sports #1

Spectacular Sports is one of my favorite electives because we get to play kickball and in kickball we got to play on fair teams and we also have played legends.

                                                   Math Camp Surfs Up #2

In Math Camp Surfs Up we get to play on our chromebooks and to fun things like make charts that represent us in math form and got to play 36 bingo which is fun because there was different ways to win like final four,four corners,blackout,diagonally,vertically,and horizontally.

                                           Super Summer Science #3

In Super Summer Science we got to make a lava lamp and you got to keep it if you brought a water bottle you, put  red dye in the water then you put vegetable oil in it then you let sit for a couple minutes and then you put alka seltzer in it and it puts bubbles at the top and looks like a lava lamp,and if you want you can shake the bottle up.


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