The French Daily Journal

King Refuses to Share his Power

King Louis XVI of France refuses to share any of his power

      King Louis XVI refuses to share his power with the people. The people are becoming angry they have little to no rights in how they are governed. Is this the starting of a war? People who have openly expressed how they feel about the government and how it is set up have been jailed and some of them haven't even had a trial.

      This country has been fighting too many wars, We are bankrupt! Food is scarce and terribly hard for the townspeople to buy. Philosophers have been writing and criticizing the french government and it's stirring up things with the people, they are not very happen and want a new government.

        The King has decided to share some of his rule with member of the social groups of the people. But for how long?

         BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! The king has locked the third estate out of their meeting room! But the third estate promises to still meet. The new assembly has now completely abolished feudalism and they have revoked the church's power and taken back the church's land. They also have written the Declaration of the Rights of Man. In it, they declared the importance of liberté, egalité and fraternité — liberty, equality & brotherhood.