Ancient Egypt

Victoria Vizerjack


Pharaoh's coffin

            Pharaohs were very powerful people. They were the ''kings'' of ancient Egypt. They became very rich over time.



                  Pyramids are were pharaohs were buried. They protected pharaohs during the afterlife. The took for EVER to build. 20,000 people is what it took to build a pyramid.

Nile River

Nile River

           The Nile river was the main support for life in that time. It is what grew the crops which feed the people. It flowed North.


clothing of ancient egypt

                Nobles wore white linen robes. Upper class wore leather sandals.  Lower class wore darker robe. Also they wore woven sandals.



              Pharaoh were mummified when the died. the process prepared them for the afterlife. It took many days to complete.

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