Help Wanted:Carpenter Needed

Denver Stout

Looking For Someone To: Be my right hand man when it comes to constructing projects and putting together frames along with other task that are needed.

-I would have this person of choice as my right hand man at Carpenter to be helping me install insulation in homes help with Sheetrock installation along with putting certain panels on things while most important running saws and table tools while running any type of  heavy machinery needed.

-The conditions would be mild but not hard and most of the working hours would depend on the climate conditions shouldn't be hard because all work that is done will be slowly so that we know that the job will be done rite.

-Most of the work that I enjoy doing unto which we will probably do will be interior designing along with installing small appliances and building any thing in the core of the project that is being done.

-The values that you will do will be mostly at your own control but under the circumstances of my say so on the project we are working own.

-The basic skills that you need to do is run most of the appliances and be able to put together wood products.

-The education level you will need will have to at least be a 2 year form from carpentry school.

-The average hourly pay for a Carpenter is $19.15 per hour.

-Experience in other fields are not needed.

- A growth potential is expected after time on the job unto which it will probably be good.

- Telecommuting 5-day work week for the right candidate.

-For more information call (865-457-1234)


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2 years ago

i dont like it, not enough stuff