noah lindner

Dogs are fun and active
Yellow labs destroy things
Snakes slithered silently
Friction on the tire
Umbrellas save you from the rain
Noah was being annoying
Cats climb trees
Trees are part of nature
Iguanas in oceans
Oceans in the Nation
Nationals in Atlanta
Atlanta is in love
Love is power

i'm high
im flying high
i see my house
i'm fly across the country
i am high

baseball is fun
baseball is active
baseball is in summer
baseball is a physical sport
baseball works on hand-eyecordnation
baseball is a hard but worth it sport

by noah Lindner

i wish that i was a space ship so i get to go to outer space
then a will be allowed to fart out loud so i get to space.

by noah Lindner
this is what the football coach said to the player
"hustle muscle"

by noah Lindner
noah paul Lindner
my mom drinks vintner
she drank wine
while swing on a vine

by noah Lindner
i used to be a human but now i'm a kitten.

i used to be able to feed myself but now i
have to wait for 12:00 and 6:30 to eat.

i used to
not have to catch robins and rabbits and chicken.

Toward Midnight
by Gabriela Coreas

A pause
Had come in,
The odor of the angel of the death
Such a clout
Before my very eyes
He whispered in my ears
Every now and then
Have faith in life
Lost in his thoughts
And dried up
Kill the satan
Within us
In the sky
Empty and dead


cats are costumes for lobster
lobster are cusens of octopuses
octopuses are like cuttlefish
cuttlefish eats kril
krill are tiny

nature is beautiful
the animals: squirrel rabbits and robin
its all beautiful

noah Lindner
roses are red
violets are blue
I'm going to spread
I'm going to the zoo

roses are red
violets are blue
please flush the toilet
when you are though.

roses are red
violets are blue
forget this line
i dislike you

realm is where its at
sorry i am up to bat
woah i just saw a cat

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