Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or male impotence may not necessarily be a fatal syndrome in men which can prove to be life threatening, but it is definitely an ego wrecking syndrome because of the mental strain that it puts on your relationship with your loved one. ED basically means and deals with a man’s inability to attain erection in spite of the immense presence of sexual stimulation being given to him. This usually is common in older men who have completed their andropause cycle and have witness a magnificently drop in their erectile abilities or younger men who are friends with awful addictions like alcohol, drug or are depressed. Here are some of the major causes of ED or male impotence:

Diabetes: In every four impotent men with diabetes, one is an impotent one. Another study shows that up to 75% of men with diabetes and is sure to have experience inability to attain erection. Type II diabetes is not detected at first it is difficult for one to do something about it which would then cause impotence. When age progresses diabetes causes high severity of atherosclerosis narrows the arteries, which further reduces blood flow to the penis. To insufficient blood flow for men does not achieve an erection. If a person with diabetes does not restrict smoking, obesity, blood glucose levels, is on the red carpet for the ED. It should be noted that many diabetics may not face the ED because they have controlled their blood sugar levels and follow a strict diet.

Cancer surgery: When a certain cancer around the area of your penis, liver or kidney is removed by a surgery there are chances that some essential arteries in your blood to have been affected because of this which could lead to imbalanced blood circulation to male genital organs causing impotence.

Drugs: Some of the high-dose prescription drugs used to treat hypertension, depression, spinal cord injuries, cholesterol and other conditions cause temporary impotence, because they affect blood flow to the penis. ED is a side effect of these drugs.

Alcohol or Smoking addictions: In the stressful world that we currently lead in it is very obvious that men would usually be hooked on to one of these addictions which lay out a red carpet to impotence. Addictions like smoking and alcoholism commonly lead to impotence. Alcohol directly affects the blood arteries as it works on certain hormones to make sure that all the nerves are easily sooth and the damaged nervous system becomes easily relaxed which could became permanent and lead to disturbed blood circulation. On the other hand smoking contains nicotine which directly attacks various blood vessels in the body, killing them or infecting them with a virus or more leading to impotence.

Kidney related disorder or prostate surgeries also have ED as their side effect as their medication are high on mgs and typically act as an hurdle in blood for to penile region and causes too many hassles in the lives of men and women.

All these causes of Erectile Dysfunction make for about 90 % while others arise due to physiological factors. To cure it, however, there are options like Viagra, Kamagra, Forzest, etc.

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