GT Reflection

Chinese Flag

What I Learned

I learned a lot of fascinating things about China. I learnt its extensive history and parts of its culture. For example, the Silk Road was an extensive path used for trading. Its name came when a Chinese man, Zhang Qian to be specific went to go get allies for the army when they were being invaded by the Mongolians. But instead he came back with strong steeds and bales of silk, thus the name "The Silk Road". Another thing I was interested is the Great Wall of China. The wall was built to keep those pesky Mongols out of China. A fact I learnt is that they often used the corpse of the workers who died as building materials. I've learnt a ton about China but I've learnt so much that I can't fit it in this Tackk. :)


What I Realize  

I now realize the extent of history and how it impacts the countries around it and the world. I never would have thought that China had a dynasty!

What I Think and Why I Think It

I think that China has a massive part when it came to "revolutionizing" trading routes. I think this since they "founded" one of the most known trading routes. I think they also have a HUGE impact on our world in terms of manufacturing since most everything you see these days says " Made in China".

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