Uruguay: By Austin McLain

Uruguay is a great country on the east coast of South America.
Uruguay is about the size of Oklahoma.

Basic Facts

Capital: Montevideo

President: Jose Mujica

Population: 3,316,32 (2012)

Currency: Uruguay peso

Neighboring Countries: Brazil and Argentina

Languages: Spanish, Portunol, and Brazilero


Famous Places

Montevideo: The capital of Uruguay, perfect for seeing colonial era buildings, beautiful beaches, and a variety of churches, museums, and theaters.

Solis Theatre: This beautiful theater is the oldest one in all of Uruguay, great for seeing live music and opera.

Estadio Centenario: This is a great soccer stadium to watch their soccer team play. FIFA actually listed it as one of soccer's nine classic stadiums.

Local Expressions

ta: Ok, fine.

a grito pelado: very loud

guri: child, kid

Food and Drink

Pasta and asado, which means barbecue in American English, are two very popular foods in Uruguay.

Climate and Geography

Uruguay has mild summers and winters, and January is actually the hottest month, sometimes climbing above 30 degrees Celsius. It also has beaches along coasts and hilly meadows on land.


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