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Would you like to add a quality fence to your property? Resolution Fencing is a leader in Aluminium fencing installation and fencing contractors Perth and can easily cater to your needs. We are devoted to providing high quality craftsmanship.

There are many ways to change the look of your timber fence. Of course, if you are keeping to a budget, square topped palings can be installed with a gap between them. If a more decorative style is required, then there are many choices. The palings can have round or pointed tops or chamfer tops (with just the corners cut) and also colonial or Windsor style.

The palings can be spaced with any gap you require or butted together. For greater privacy, the palings can be lapped or installed "neighbor friendly" with palings on both sides of the fence. The Aluminium fence can also have a capping rail. The posts can be exposed and can also be profiled to match or complement the palings. Sleepers can be installed at the bottom of the fence as a plinth rail or to retain soil where necessary.

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