so lets start of with what are insulators? insulators are basically anything that can stop heat or elctricty from flowing or leaving. Ok now that you know what are insulators lets find what materials are insulators so electrical insulators are: rubber, plastic, glass and so on and so forth and heat insulators are : wool and all of the electrical insulators.electrical and heat insulators are quite the same as electricity in some way is heat to. if you wnat to learn more go to the link down below. =). for the quiz can you please write the answers in the coment in this format


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2 years ago

1- wool and rubber
2- so they don't get electric shocks by accidentally stepping on a loose wire
4-the air will be tightly packed disabling the movement or free flow of air, because of this the air will trap the heat in them (I think this is the answer, please give proper links TT^TT )