Bully Free HMS

Eating pizza around the pc on Sat with her friends, Jan sees that chris, and unpopular kid in her class just logged on to IM. Someone suggests they tease chris, who is always trying to join their group. Your friends all join in suggesting ideas and pressuring Jan. At the request of the groups, jan asks some personal questions of who chris likes most. She then proceeds to post it on an anonymous blog and shares the url with other kids at the school.

If i was part of this group, i would most likely try to make them stop, and if that didn't work, because Chris was sitting so close i would tell him what they were doing. If that didn't work, i would later go to the blog and type a comment telling it was a fake post, and would flag it for bullying. It would make me feel guilty being near them, and i would most likely tell a teacher about them harassing Chris.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You become aware that a schoolmate of yours is the subject of very embarrassing comments on Facebook that you and your friends see quite a bit. You know that this schoolmate is upset, and he hasn't been to school the last few days.....

1. The message it conveys to the bully is that you don't mind him bullying the schoolmate.

2.You can alert an adult to deal with this, help make the comments better, or even prove those things are wrong.

3. We prove that bullying is wrong, and can be fought back non violently. A bully is just like us, only he thinks he is stronger because he can make others feel weaker. Get an adult or a few more kids, and he'll realize that he is not.

4. That it is not right, polite, and needs to be stopped; that the bully is doing a bad thing.