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Various signs show that Blatter's apologies and concessions, verbally, to temporarily relieve pressure too concentrated. He said bargaining: "like in the Mexico game, in fact, we don't need high-tech, fully by the referee. "He said, FIFA will also upgrade their referee training courses," in fact,<a href="">cheapest fifa 15 coins</a> FIFA has set a deadline, try to score 10 or November this year, the birth of a new concept of penalty, under the new system, official fined in top-flight communication skills will improve.

On May 10, FIFA (FIFA) announced that special funds for Interpol to provide 20 million euros, the two have teamed up to combat match-fixing occurred in international football matches. Were determined by FIFA Games friendship tournament is from the international break appears in the penalty shoot-out. Two international friendlies on February 9 this year, Latvia 2:1 beat Bolivia teams, Estonia 2:2 Bulgaria team match, all all 7 goals were penalties and penalty near time to appear at the end of the game.

Although we have always found pictures of previous work has approached but whenever new work appears in front of you, the better image came into my mind when, a heartfelt joy thing. And this feeling will not be stalled after the launch of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, as the EA Sports has further strengthened the image of expression, in 2002 an already exquisite venues and player appearance will be more vivid. Even if you cannot clear the lawn to show the perfect texture, but also with its lifelike texture to make up for this shortcoming.