In May, my classmates and I went to the Museum of Natural History and Sidney New York. Both trips were very fun and educational. In New York City, my classmates and I finally got to meet our pen pals! They were very kind people. A few weeks later at the end of May, after our trip to the Museum of Natural History, we visited our pen pals upstate in Sidney. It was about a 4 hour trip, but it was worth the long bus ride.We arrived at a park. At the park, we went to four stations. At the first station we learned how to use an Increment Bore to find the age of a tree. At the second station we tested the nitrate in the water. At the third station, the hydrology station, we learned about the floods that have occurred in Sidney throughout the past 15 years. Barely any of my classmates including me, had the opportunity to see the trout be released, which was the fourth station. Later on in the day, after we were done with all of our stations, we went on a hike. The views from the mountain were beautiful. I had a great time on that trip. I wish we can all go back there again next year!

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