Paul Bunyan

by casey Ayala assigned by Ms. Ross

Paul Bunyan is an most common folktale .

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Qr code background  information -

1- he was 7 feet tall ,stride of 7 feet

2- known for his physical strength

3- he would call his men by an hollow tree

4- had an enormous 15 in ox color blue named ''babe ''

5- He migrated towards the whole forest bunkhouses to the end in the children's books

6- known for working super hard and dedicated to his job -clearing all the land

7- supposedly dug out lake superior .

8- supposedly from Wisconsin

9- supposedly his occupation was as a lumberjack

10- this took tim during the 1920's  

Questions of page 1077

1a - the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories is from the big onion river from Louisiana .

b- He means that Paul Bunyan was that even though he was old he work super long as he was fifteen years old . He passionate over his work and he worked long hours .

2a- Paul Bunyan is clever and smart , you can demonstrate this because he was when he was younger he read books . He though the men how to work good and efficiently . He had a pretty good ming of lumber jacks because of smaller age he had cut down 25 trees in a row . He was strong because he was able to hold and keep on working till almost no rest  .

b- They relate because he was a heroic character by  whenever he tried to help and the fact that he lasted really long working and working .They relate because he is the antagonist proving the people wrong .

3a- Paul Bunyan stop the rain by "he dived in under the pillar ,swan unto it and climbed it with powerful swimming strokes ,was gone in an hour , came splashing down and as the rain stopped. ''

b- It takes place in the midwest century because it language like its dialect says the words "Shanties",  and''Commotion.''

4a- I do think that Paul Bunyan might had been based on a real person but they are so many stories to link to that sometimes you might not know which story  is correct . The character seems real based on the exaggeration and the facts on what the author says . I think he might be real , but they might have changed his story around like his name , height , and weight .

b- the kind of people that will inspire people today is children , veterans on the war of the impossible , people all around the world who believe that people like paul could be real and made to  change the world like he did . Although he might not seem real he change people's mind of saying that changing the world and being someone is not impossible  to reach .

5a- A lumberjack might be consider as hero towards america because he supposely clear the land of lake superior , stop rain , because he tried to help people all around where ever he went.

b-Paul Bunyan qualities  were strong, clever, and independent.

summary -

The story ''Paul Bunyan of the north woods''  is about the adventures of paul , The things he did during his life . In the story it says that he was into books - really smart . He also rescued ''babe '' blue ox from a winter snow from china . Every time Paul saw him , Benny got older and taller . The theme of the story is '' dont judge a book by its cover'' or ''many things are not impossible to reach at all .

   The theme meaning is that although someone might looked small or not too bright , they always find a way to surprise of their great hidden talent . Like paul bunyan , although he might seem not to know as the heroic type but he is because i no sure that he was all that real , maybe whoever made him up changed his background and also make him more interesting for people to enjoy and to see the actual message that he/she tried to make . The theme reveals from so many stories we hear about paul Bunyan - that even though we don't know if he was real or not he still made a cooperation towards making the people realize what really matters about how someone of  the unexpected could make a difference towards character. The theme shows that no one is perfect , some things happen for a reason .Like the story  , might sound crazy but what i think is that the universe brought this so people can have different perspective of people that you nearly know .

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