Learning To Teach
Day 34: Review Day

The main learning experience that I got from the lesson today was that the life expectancy of a method is two days or two times then it's magic wears off. Also that I need to step up being the alpha.

Today was review day and for most of the classes it went well. The first part of the lesson when well. We went over statements that I had given to them at the beginning of the unit and I had them look over them again and explain what was wrong. The second half of the day was using the website Kahoot again. Many students were really excited to be playing the game.  I do get the sense that once the underlying theme of competition is involved the students tend to pay attention more and do well.

It just came down to my last period where I started to lose control. They could not keep quiet and it seemed that they were talking over everything I was doing even though I though I had control of the situation.

After the lesson I talked to not my host teacher but my teaching professor about the situation who said that when she even came in last, it was not clear that I was the alpha even in my beginning class.

That is something I know I need to work on. The passion and the content I know is there, (the things you can't teach), its just is the management that I need to do better on.

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