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                               The Main Reasons Behind Hair Loss

Hair loss in men and women is a common feature and people use all kinds of treatments to deal with this issue such as the application of highly popular rogaine foam with proven benefits. However, falling of hair prematurely is quite worrisome so it makes sense to understand the reasons why this occurs in the first place. Here below are the main ones outlined for the readers.

Hectic stressful lifestyle

Stress is the bane of life and it leads to a wide number of physical and mental ailments, with one of the fallouts being hair loss. Are you worrying about something for a long time? Do the pressures at workplace get to you on a regular basis? Are you finding it difficult to juggle your personal life with your professional? All these may be inducing hair fall without your being aware of the reason. Great thing would be to stay away from things or people who increase your stress levels. Try meditation and breathing exercises to remain calm.

It is genetic

If it is coded in your genes then there is little you can do to prevent the occurrence. Hair loss runs notoriously in the family, take the case of males in the British royal family for example! Try to avoid everything that can hasten the process and always maintain a regular lifestyle and balanced diet to keep on the safe side. For initiating hair growth, you can always fall back on the benefits of Minoxidil foam that can do wonders to your balding pate as well as your self-esteem.

Your hair regime

The way you are treating your delicate hair day-after-day may be contributing to its loss at an alarming rate. You may not even realize what you are doing wrong, until it’s too late. Using the blow dryer may seem like an ingenious way to minimize the time to dry out the tresses but it is also robbing your scalp of moisture and weakening the roots. Do it too long and suffer from hair loss. Similarly, the harmful chemicals in all your hair products starting from the shampoo to conditioner, styling gel and coloring materials may be contributing to the fall.

Hormonal changes - the culprit

For women, fluctuations in the hormonal levels of the body especially during childbirth, pregnancy and onset of menopause can initiate the fall of hair. Thyroid imbalance also leads to such issues. You can visit your doctor for remedy.

Medications or treatments

What kind of medications are you taking? Are you perhaps undertaking a treatment with hair loss as one of the side effects? Whatever it is, it will be worthwhile to talk with your therapist to pin point the cause of the problem. Remedies for falling hair are available but it is important to consult with your doctor before giving these a go.

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