My Hero

By: Jeremiah Ransom

Hero's Are People Are Admired Or Idealized For Courage, They Also Make Outstanding Achievements. My Hero Are Police Because They The One Of The Only Ones Who Can Help You With A Situation Or Situations As Far As Needing Help With Crime, Protecting The Community, They Protect they Selves And Others, And Its Their Duty/Responsibility To Be There For Everybody. The Police Came To My Rescue When I Was Getting Hit By My Boyfriend They Came In 50 Seconds Knocking On My Door They Made Sure I Was Ok They Checked The Whole House For Him I Had To Leave The House Until They Said Clear. Then They Stayed For About 20 Minutes. To Make Sure He Was Gone Every Since That Day I Thought To Myself Police Is Not That Bad After All. I Did Not Use To Like Police Because I Thought That They Thought They Was Big And Bad Because They Had Guns, Hand Cuffs, Mace, Knight Stick, And A Tazer. But Not After All They Are Human Beings Just Like Us.

Police Are A Team And They Will Do Whatever They Can To Do Their Duty/Responsibility To Help Us Citizens In The U.S.A .
Take The Drugs And Violence/Guns Away From The Streets To make Our Community Better.