by grace reineke


Do you play soft ball or want to play soft ball? If you do you will enjoy this tackk.It is about how to pitch, what you do when you play outfield, it is about what you do infield and it is about batting. You will know a lot more about soft ball if you read this tackk.


Soft ball is an amazing sport you will have lots of fun, and you can make new friends playing it, so this book will teach you how to pitch and more try it!


When you pitch warm up first. How you hold the ball is you put your fingers on the red part when it looks like a c. You hold the ball in your glove then swing your hands down together your legs will stop your hands. Then you swig your hand over your head while stepping then flick your wrist when your hand gets near your leg. While you are doing that you should be focusing on the target.

Out field

In the out field you might think in soft ball the ball will never get out there, but you are wrong the ball could fly out there when you are not paying attention so the other team would get the point so always stay focused when you are out field.

In field

# 1 rule about infield is PAY ATTENTION! Because the ball could fly in the air and hit the ground before you can get to it. You also have to remember that when the batter hits the ball ware you are go to it, if it does not go ware you are go to the base .Also be ready the ball can go any ware. Keep your eye on the ball know matter ware it is, and run fast.


While you are batting you have to focus on the ball, that is the # 1 rule about batting. Then when you hit the ball watch the ball because if you hit a fly ball and you make it to the base it is an out ,so they can tag your other teammates. But if it is not a fly ball drop your bat and run as fast as you can to the base.


Soft ball is an amazing sport there Is 4 things you can do in soft ball, you can pitch, out field, infield and batting. Also you may sit on the bench a few times but you get to see how good your teammates are. That is why you should try it!


Pitching: through the ball to the batter

Fly ball: when the ball is high in the air

Target: the glove that you pitch to

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