Sahara desert ecosystem

Abiotic factors

water (very little water at all)
sand (covers all over the dessert)

Biotic factors

PlantsAnimals(100 species of reptiles 70species of  mammals 90 Species of birds like spotted hyena dama gazelle the jackal and the sand fox for the birds ostriches)

The carrying capacity

carrying capacity-the maximum # of organisms of a particular species that can be supported indefidently in a given environment.
The things an
imals need to survive are shelter,water,foodand space.
Animals in the desert are short of water and so some of the animals in the desert die because of lack of water

The limiting factors
limiting factor-factor that tends to limit the population size.
ex. Little or no water, extreme heat,low temp. or to much rain.
and antelopes

Energy roles
producers-organisms that make their own food by photosynthesis

consumers-organisms that do not make their own food, they feed on other organisms

decomposers-break down waste and dead organisms and return the nutrients to the soil

Food chain

Food web

Food Pyramid


photosyntesis is turning light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar
plants need sun light carbon dioxide and
water-> transformed into sugar and oxygen

Tropism in the bending and turning of an organism away/toward the external stimulus

the type of tropism your would find in my ecosystem phototropism and geotropism.

The role of decomposers

The roll of decomposers is very important because they break down the nutrients for the plants and soil.

Without decomposers our world would turn in to a pile of trash, then the plants will suffer and we can't live with out plants and then eventually we would die.

The type of decomposers you willin the desert are Dung Beatles and termites.


It is very important to adapt to its biome because  if they couldn't afapt to there biome they would eventually die off.

There are not many plants in my biome but the ones that do live on the desert need to be able to live in the heat.

The animals need to be able to live in the heat and able to go some days without water.

If you took a rattlesnake and put it in the tundra,it would not survive because it doesn't have the food and resources that they have in the desert to be able to live in the tundra. And last but not least it can not live in the cold weather and it would not have the same camoflauge it would have down in the desert.

Natural Selection

Natural selection is the process whereby organisms better adapt to there enviroment to survive and produce offsprings

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