Moon missions

Neil Armstrong collecting samples for scientests on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon

The people on the Apollo 11 mission were Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Walden. The mission took place July 16, 1969. The challenge of the mission was bofor coming in to the atmosphere the had lost some parts that were apart of the heat shield, they did land safely and were the famous for the first people on the moon.

Project Gemini
This was the capsule that they traveled in

This was project Mercury, astronauts:

Scott carpenter

Gorden cooper

John Glen

Gus Grissom

Wally  Shcarra

Alan Sheperd

Deke slayton

1956-1976 was the duration. The race was to obit the earth by man. It took right smack dab in the "space race". The misson was a success