Run Away

a story by Briana Nicole Jefferson

We were living off the fatta of the land at the bosses place. All the work me and Lennie were doing had me anguished so I liked to play cards during dining hall instead of going. The boss caught me playing solitaire in the back of the bunkhouse one night. He stepped closer to me with his boots with the heels on them and looked at all the cards set up on the follow. He asked, “what are you doing, why aren’t you at the hall?” I couldn’t tell him that I busted my guy all day and I just wanted a  break to myself, that’s not what he was paying me for. So I just answered him, “playing cards boss.” Somehow boss had this idea that I was taking my buddy, Lennie’s, money and never working, he really thought I would playing cards all day. He thought from the second I spoke for Lennie one day that I was taking his money. I tried to explain to him. I started talking and gesturing with my hands, “I worked today, I don’t take Lennie’s money, we just travel together.” The boss cut me off and said, “I don’t believe you, you always talking for that boy, and now I find you in here just playing cards.” Then after he stopped talking it was quite for a moment he said, “Are you blowing all yawls’ jack?” I didn’t know what to say to the boss. He told me to speak when I was spoken to. Then after I didn’t say anything he told me to get up and follow him. The whole time I followed him he told me I was going to stay in a different bunkhouse and work with no pay for a week and it was all going to Lennie. I didn’t argue with the boss. I got all set up in the bunkhouse, it was broken down, only one bed, not even a light. I stuck it out for the first couple of days and then I just ran away, I left Lennie. Now I’m here looking for a job and pay. “I got so caught in telling you the story I think I forgot to mention my name is George.” Mimicking the man, George stuck his hang out for a hand shake.

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