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   We need good people in this world because they bring  peace and justice. Something we don't have.

  We are  full of bad people all we see is war ,violence , and disagreement in every single decision made . Why let bad people let them run our worlds with pure negativity when we can have positivity throughout the world . Making everything easier or less complicated to run the county or some sort of government . Peace between other countries is what we need right now more than ever .

     Justice is something we don't experience . Everything is done based 1 person said not what the prof says. Bad people are the ones always putting innocent people in danger and not taking responsibility for this . How is that fair to anybody ?

   In conclusion good people bring happiness . Who doesn't wanna live in a world full of happiness and fairness than  a world full of nothing but negativity due to people who don't know what good is. It's important to have good people for the future of us.

Letter of Recommendation

May 16,2015

Alexa Rodriguez

    I've known Alma since we were in Head start Pre-K school and we were also played together in city soccer . She is a very smart girl who dreams big and loves to be the most outstanding of them all. Very good at communicating as well as getting stuff done . She is very organized and loyal to the end . I would highly recommend her to your business if you want positivity and energy .

Sincerely ,

        Alexa I. Rodriguez

Cover letter  

                   Ortiz Alma Isabel

                     7262ling ling

                     El Paso TX 79938

May 16,2015

Caesar Chavez Head start

211 Prado Rd

El Paso tx 79936


    I would love to join this school to become a special Ed teacher . I have never had a single doubt of what I want to be when I grown up . The experience I've gone through life had made me come to the finials conclusionI want to be teaching special Ed children .

   My biggest strength for this job is the ability to focus kid by kid . I give the attention needed to any student . I do more of work myself than myself .


Alma Oriz

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