- Introduction -

The industrial revolution has had a major impact on the world. Our jobs and equipment wouldn't be the same if it weren't for this revolution. We would still be hand making everything instead of having machines.

- How did the revolution start -

It had first started in great Britain.

It then progressed its way into the united states

Before the revolution, americans lived on farms, small towns, or villages

The first sign of the revolution was when the steam engine was developed

- Working conditions -

working conditions were pretty bad compared to those we have now. were we have laws, they didn't and workers were unprotected.

One of the worst conditions was the cotton trade.

Workplaces were hot, machinery was not fenced off, and children workers have to move between these machines

- philosophers and their ideas -

Adam Smith thought that the reason for poverty was that there were to many people

Malthus was a lassez Faire philosopher that thought if you help the poor, it means a bigger population, and not enough food would lead to starvation and misery.

Marx thought the the systems still made workers poor

- pros of the revolution -

the goods were cheaper

there is more food

more workers

more money

- cons of the revolution -

richer upper class

child labor

removed people from farms