How are americans represented in the documentary

This is how the documentary of 'supersize me' starts from this image the documentary is already conditioning us to presume what the Americans are going to look like during the film.

If you watch the video of it below it also gives us something to expect throughout the documentary. A group of children most of the time the camera is pointed over to someone overweight for us to assume most or all Americans like that while singing a song about Mcdonalds, Kentucky fried chicken and Pizza hut for the producers to let the audience know how much they like the fast food.

Also during the film they 'interrogate' some children to find out a little bit about them and who they know using famous people that should be well known in America and made up people which fast food or religion use as an image which people remember them by. The children were not able to name all of the influential people in Americas past which most adults should know however since they were kids and didn't know them yet we were given the impression that fast food is more recognisable then the presidents of America and people with a large group of following

During the documentary they showed a man who lost a lot of weight from eating healthy. The man had a lot of people coming to watch him and he also had fans which were trying to lose weight which the camera targeted the main fan on a female child blaming the McDonalds and the unhealthy eating for there cause of obesity.

The documentary is showing that the Americans are addicted to fast food and blaming it on the fast food restaurants for the reason they are overweight.

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