Museum of Natural History

- Extensive Specimen Collection. The museum houses around 500 million specimens ranging from animals, fossils, gems, minerals, plants, rocks, cultural artifacts and meteorites.

- Most Visited Museum. In 2009 alone, an estimated 7.9 million people visited the place. This is the most visited Smithsonian Museum in America.

- Biggest Group of Scientists. It is the workplace of the largest group of natural history scientists pegged at 185. The scientists devote their time in studying nature and culture history in the world.

- Broad Range of Gem Collection. It houses the National Gem and Mineral Collection which showcases one of the biggest sapphires in the world, Star of Asia Sapphire. It contains more than 15,000 gems, 35,000 meteorites, 350,000 minerals and 300,000 rock and ore samples.

- Hope Diamond. The museum houses the most popular diamond in the whole world. This gem is reputed to be the second most visited artwork next only to Mona Lisa.

- Century old. The museum was opened March 17, 1910. On March 17, 2010, it celebrated its 100th year anniversary.

- Amazing dinosaur/reptile collection. It has 46 complete samples of dinosaur. Its reptile specimen collection numbers 570,000.

- Largest marine specimens. It houses more than 80 million marine specimens which are considered the biggest collection in the world.

- Huge amount of space. The museum is huge with its 325,000 square feet of space for exhibits. It does not include the laboratory and collection that it also houses.

- Behring Hall of Mammals receives numerous awards for its exhibits. It features mammal specimens in an innovative way. It also features the biggest collection of vertebrae specimen collection in the world.

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