Hana Hafford

“Sisters” is a book based on a true story about the author Raina Telgemeier and her sister Amara. Even though Raina wanted a sister more than ever, having a sister is a nightmare and she has no idea how she is going to cope with her on the family trip from San Francisco to a family reunion in Colorado.

All Raina wanted was a baby sister and she was going to do anything to get one. When Raina was about seven she was dieing to have a younger sister. Christmas, Birthdays, dinner, in the park and before going to bed Raina inquired and pleaded. When her mom told her she was pregnant she went upstairs screaming excitedly. But what Raina didn't know was that now that their was a second child, she was going to have to share everything.

When Raina`s sister was brought home from the hospital, all Raina wanted to do was to play and hold Amara but like all babies Amara cried whenever Raina held her.When Amara got a little older Raina tried to entertain Amara but Amara was very hard to please and wasn't interested in anything. The only thing Amara liked to do was draw, but she didn't have her own colored pencils so Raina had to share, when she was drawing Raina asked her if she what she was drawing and Amara started screaming at her to stop asking her questions. Raina was jealous at Amara because she was getting all the family attention, and like everyone Raina missed getting all the attention.

When the trip finally began Raina did not know what she was in for. On the first day of the trip Amara was screaming at her sister Raina to share the colored pencils. Raina had her headphones on and couldn't hear but Amara was getting bored and did not enjoy her sister rejecting her. On the second day Amara punched Raina which pissed Raina and they started a screaming at each other, which by now their parents were very well use to. When they were about half way to Colorado There was a storm and they had to stop and sleep in their car and since there wasn't much space Raina and Amara had to sleep together and of course that drove both of them crazy.

“Sisters” is a funny and very realistic book about Raina who was dieing to have a sister and what really happened when she gets one. I recommend “Sisters” for those girls who love their sister and understand what happens when they think they don't.Like Raina Telgemeier “Sisters” gives the real experiences between two sisters and how they deal with one another.