My Personal Journey Assignment

By: Sydney Kimbrough

What Does Decision Making Entail?

First you must identify what the problem or decision is, next you must weight the pros and cons of choosing each position, if it will either help or hurt you and what you want as an outcome. Finally you must act on the decision that you made.

Why are the decisions we make now so important?

The choices we make as teens are very important in shaping your life, if as a teen you slack off and take  school as a joke then you will not succeed in life. However if you can see the path of your life clearly ahead of you then you will be able to achieve anything you want.

What affects the decisions that we make?

Pressure from others and your environment to be a certain way is what affects the decisions we make. We want acceptance from others so we do what they think is best, even if it is not always the best thing to do.

How does making a positive decision empower a person?

When making a positive decision it makes you feel good about yourself and you feel as if you can acheive anything which empowers you.

An experience I've had with decision making....

Once I had very poor decision making and I got
mad at my little brother and threw a cell phone at him, he had to go to the hospital and get stitches because it busted his lip.

Thinking back on it now....

I regret my decision. If I had fully adressed the situation with good decision making then things would have been different, now I know to walk away and ignore him if he is being annoying. But now he had a cool little scar on the side of his lip!

My advice....

I believe that before making any decision that you should think about it and see if it is worth it because you don't want to do something you will regret.

The End.

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