Events that led up to the War of 1812

         The Orders in Council, the Embargo of 1807, the War Hawks, and the Hartford Convention are all events that lead up to the War of 1812. The Orders in Council were a series of decrees made by the United Kingdom in the course of the wars with Napoleonic France which instituted its policy of commercial warfare. It refers to a group of decrees in the late - 18th and early - 19th centuries which restricted neutral trade and enforced a naval blockade of Napoleonic France and its allies. The Embargo of 1807 was a key factor leading up to the War of 1812 because it was a series of laws passed by the U.S. Congress, during the second term of President Thomas Jefferson. The US wanted to remain neutral and trade with both sides during the war between Britain and France. The War Hawks were a coterie of about twenty Democratic Republicans who persuaded congress into supporting a declaration of war against Britain, which we now know as the War of 1812. The Hartford convention was a series of meetings in late 1814 and early 1815 that took place in Hartford Connecticut. During these meetings New England Federalists met to discuss their grievances concerning the ongoing war of 1812 and the political problems arising from the federal government's increasing power.

This is a painting that depicts the image of an event during the war of 1812.This relevant because each of our topics led to the war of 1812
In this article James Madison talks about the war of 1812. It's relevant because it was written after our events that led to the war of 18

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