The Cueca, national dance of Chile

The Cueca is the national dance of Chile, and it is the most genuine expression of the national soul. It is Identified with Chileans since the independence period until today.

The cueca derived from many others latin american dances, like zamacueca. The meaning of the word cueca is not known, but many folklorist say that derived from the Word "clueca", that means a kind of dance made by the hen and the rooster when they are mating.

The cueca is a dance of party, the musicians have the responsibility of créate a happy environment.

The man (huaso) goes to the woman (china) and offer his hand for dance, the dance is with a handkerchief in one hand. There is a lot of different types of cueca, depends of the region where the dancers live.

Everybody loves cueca, a good example is the next video, two police officers dancing in a festival.