Food poisoning!

A bunch of people get salmonella each year. Its takes some very easy steps to make sure you don't get food poisoning. Salmonella has had cases of death and its not something o mess around with.

Salmonella is in some cases very serious. There has been cases where people have died because of this food poisoning its easy to prevent and we need keep this from happening places like at home and other food environments.  

These are ways to prevent you or someone else from getting salmonella. Cook food to its right temperature. Don't cross contaminate  meaning don't put raw meat on a counter top to cut it up and then cut up vegetables where they were. Make sure to always wash your hands after petting animals and while your cooking. And always make sure that you keep meat refrigerated even if your trying to thaw it.

Salmonella is very easy to prevent

This is what the living organism salmonella looks like.

This is one of the foods that salmonella can be in.

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