Using Tackk to Differentiate Learning

What is Tackk?

How can Tackk Differentiate Learning?

Tackk can differentiate learning by …

- allowing for collaboration amongst students and teachers

- allowing you to embed visuals, such as pictures and videos, and audio  (visual and auditory learners)

- allowing students to embed from other sites such as Instagram and Vimeo (opportunity to make connections and show understanding in various ways)

- Tackks (tags) also help students to think about the man idea of an activity and connect with the same concept on other created Tackks

Possible Activities/ Lessons

Students can use Tackk to …

- Create biographies  (they can embed maps, pictures and videos)

- Create an ongoing blog or journal

- Digital Storytelling

- Media literacy activities such as movie promotions or product advertising

- Shared research (using Chat Page template)

- Diary of learning for a given Science, Math or Language unit

- All About Me page

- More ideas:

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