End of Year Project

Kelsey Gibson

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Why do we need good people in the world? That’s a question that has many right answers or maybe none at all. Yet, I believe we need good people because they help us grow as a community, and they constantly keep us going as a society.

Our world is in a constant change of good and bad. Full of protagonist and antagonist that effect our world every day. Therefore, they help us grow as a unit. If we didn’t have all these wonderful people, we probably wouldn’t have been able to go through histories hardships. For example, the Great Depression, or past wars that have caused a negative impact. Yet we have risen and have been stronger as a nation.

But not only have good people saved us from the horrible encounters we had politically but emotionally and mentally as well. Our society has always had its ups and downs on having many different opinions. Some bad people out there always try to influence other in doing drugs, stealing, sexually assaulting others, and hurting and even killing other people. It has giving the people perspectives of the world having a darker side that most are afraid of. Yet, we learn from others mistakes and hopefully bring out the good in others.

So to conclude this, we need good people because not only do they make others feel safe but it makes life so beautiful, even with so much negativity surrounding us. Everybody has good within them, but it takes a good person to bring it out of you.

Letter of Recomendation

For whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend Ivoree Hernandez as a prosecutor at your Law Firm. I have known Ms. Hernandez for about 3 years now. We met when she was working an internship for me, and she is also a very good friend of mine.

She's a very hard working person and doesn't stop until she reaches her goal. Ms. Hernandez is a very intelligent, outspoken person who always rise above others expectations. Ms. Hernandez has worked hard for her jaw dropping grade in Law school earning her at the top of her class. She has worked with many Law Firms and Lawyers giving her the experience she has today. Giving her this opportunity will benefit you, bringing in character and a new perspective to your business.

I would love to work with Ivoree Hernandez again. She will be a great addition to your corporate. If you have any questions, please contact me at fakeemail@whatever.com

Best regards,

Kelsey Gibson

Letter of Intent

Kelsey Gibson

12345 Street Name - El Paso, Texas

(915)123-4567 - fakeemail@whatever.com

May 24, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, Dean

The University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN 46556

I am writing this letter to hopefully obtain the occupation as a Professor in the field of Literature. I am a very outspoken and intelligent teacher that hopefully will bring a new perspective in the art of Literature to my students.

I plan on preparing these students to their new careers and teaching them the beauty of literature. I have worked at many high school as an English Teacher and a Creative Writing Teacher. I have had many internships at Publishing Firm, Universities and even with Authors. I have a unique and creative teaching style that will bring new ideas to the team.

Hopefully I am the best to qualify for this job, if you have any question please contact me.


Kelsey Gibson.


    Kelsey N. Gibson

    (915) 505-0505

    12345 Street Name

    www.fakewebsite.com - email@whatever.com


    To obtain a profession at a University in the field of Literature.


    2011-2014     Sun Ridge Middle School

    2014-2018     El Dorado High School

    • Journalism Awards
    • Yearbook Awards
    • English & Writing Awards
    • Overall Student
    • Top 10%

    2018-2032     The University of Notre Dame

    • Valedictorian
    • PhD in Literature
    • Masters in Teaching and Education


    2013-2032     Yearbook

    2017-2018     High School Internship

    2018-2020    Publishing Internship

    2020-2022    Internship with Author

    2022-2030   High  School Teacher


    • Writing
    • Good Speaker
    • Good Teacher
    • Good Communicator

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