Monday, June 22, 2015

Please complete the agenda items in the order of the page.

1) Daily Learning Objectives

  • It's a new week, so turn to page 4 in your interactive notebook.
  • Write down your daily learning objective,

TODAY I AM learning the power of word choice SO THAT I CAN understand the passages and strengthen my vocabulary. I'LL KNOW I'VE GOT IT WHEN I begin to choose the right words to include in my Passion Project Research.

2) Update your Table of Contents

3) Complete the PreTest Warm Up practice sheet # 2, 3, & 5 on your desk

  1. Once you are finished, glue the sheet on page 14.
  2. If you need assistance with how to glue, please ask.

4) Reading Plus Data Discussion

  • Paste the reading plus data on your desk onto page 13.
  • Using the data you pasted onto page 13, please click on the Socrative button below.
  • My Room number is 75125
  • Answer the questions in complete sentences by restating the question and answering using the textual evidence in your Reading Plus data.

5) Reading Plus Instructions

Only complete 1 SeeReader and 1 ReadAround today. You're welcome!

6) Complete Tone Word Sort Sheet

  • Use the Merriam Dictionary and thesaurus online to complete the Tone Word Sort.
  • ONLY complete the (2) highlighted boxes on your sheet.
  • The number of words you need is next to the highlight.

7) Passion Project Research

Continue using Easy Bib and your eCLASS media center resources to gather answers to your inquiry based questions.

If you haven't finished your About Me or Personal Character Traits, please do not work on those items TODAY.

8) Chapter 5 of Cruisers

  • Please click on the Discussion Link button below.
  • Copy the sentence below, and fill in the blank as our way of sharing your prediction today:

I think "Are we having fun yet" will be about_________.

I wonder if ___________.